Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Reynard City New Recruit

I've added Reynard City New Recruit to my links list, it is an online comic I drew, coloured and lettered a few years ago. It's quite fun and worth a read.


Strip Magazine and Devil Dealers

I've recently been doing some colouring for Strip Magazine on both covers and interior artwork...

Here's a cover...

And a page from Black Ops Extreme, Flashback: Bad day in the jungle. Scripted by John Freeman, art by Nick Dyer and colours by me.

Here's a couple of covers for an upcoming project, Devil Dealers for Markosia. Script by Ross May, Art by Brett Wood, Inks by Victor Moya and Colours by me.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Baker Street Irregulars

Here are some pages for The Baker Street Irregulars which I've recently coloured, the story and art is by David Morris for Corvus press. I've used a different style of colouring for this project and have gonne for a more two tone approach.