Thursday 3 May 2012

Transformers and Detectives...

Pages coloured for Transformers magazine last year.

Pages coloured for Dee for Detective....

Black Dragon, Hookjaw and Devil dealers....

Here's some of my recent works...

Starting with the colours for Black Dragon for Strip Magazine.

Colours for Hookjaw For Strip Magazine.

And  a couple more pages of colours for Devil Dealers for Markosia.

Friday 16 March 2012


Here's some pages I coloured for the collected eddition of Velica...


Giffgaff offers a good cheap mobile tariff, they use the O2 network so they have good coverage. If you follow the link you get an extra £5 free on your first top up.... Good deal.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Reynard City New Recruit

I've added Reynard City New Recruit to my links list, it is an online comic I drew, coloured and lettered a few years ago. It's quite fun and worth a read.

Strip Magazine and Devil Dealers

I've recently been doing some colouring for Strip Magazine on both covers and interior artwork...

Here's a cover...

And a page from Black Ops Extreme, Flashback: Bad day in the jungle. Scripted by John Freeman, art by Nick Dyer and colours by me.

Here's a couple of covers for an upcoming project, Devil Dealers for Markosia. Script by Ross May, Art by Brett Wood, Inks by Victor Moya and Colours by me.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Baker Street Irregulars

Here are some pages for The Baker Street Irregulars which I've recently coloured, the story and art is by David Morris for Corvus press. I've used a different style of colouring for this project and have gonne for a more two tone approach.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Warning Parcel force

I would like to post a warning for anyone who uses parcelforce. I have just been charged a £7.76 VAT bill which I don't mind. What I do mind is they have also charged me an additional £13.50 'handling charge' which I'm appalled by Making the total up to £21.26. I had already paid good money to have this posted. I shall be avoiding parcel force in the future. I only ordered a jumper!!!!!

Wednesday 11 August 2010


I've recently been lucky enough to have been given the colouring work the the David Beckham book for Bluewater productions Fame series. Similarly to all the colouring jobs I'm offered I view this as a great  and very enjoyable opportunity.

I've decided to spend some time here to give everyone an inside view of the colouring process that will help bring this book to life.
I start with the line art and script provided by Bluewater.

Before I start colouring I adjust the contrast and clean up the line art. Pablo Martinena's art is so clean it makes this part really easy.

I then choose an overall tone, this will help to tie all the colours together later on.

I then start to lay down the flat colours starting with the largest area of  a single colour. This really helps with the rest of the page. At this point I reference everything, I am very lucky as Peter Rogers script has included all the reference for me.

And then the rest of the flat colours.

I then re-apply the overall tone.

I then start adding the details, the highlights and the shadows using separate layers.

I then render the rest.

After this I add any highlights speedlines and other lighting effects required to make the piece pop.

And here's the finished piece... GOAL!!!

Following this here are a couple more pages coloured for this book. I hope everyone has enjoyed this inside look.

Sunday 27 June 2010

Winer wonderland

Here's a few pictures I took on one of my long and very very cold walks last January showing Britain's incredible winter. I have never seen snow like this before.